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No One Cares.
I am still suffering long ongoing constant daily mean cruel hell wrongs, all alone, and everyone refuses to stop doing them to me and everyone refuses to care. Almost everyone has cut me off. God doesn’t care and punishes me because I can have faith amidst hell.
No one believes me or understands what mean cruel hell I am suffering being done to me constantly all day every day.
I can not be silent.
People cut me off but I can’t cut off the mean cruel hell wrongs being done to me.
Everyone seems to think I am bad because I can’t help posting/mailing reaching/crying out messages.
Everyone seemingly wrongly thinks its a mental/medication issue, but it is not, there are real wrongs being done to me.
Why I am suffering this worse hell than most everyone else I see/hear? What did I do to deserve such mean cruel hell?
People say I am bad, punish me make me feel bad, but they don’t say the far worse things being done to me are bad.
Most people if they went through things I have like being alone (from positive not from negative) 24/7 most days the last decades would have gone mental, eg the covid lockdown. But I can’t take this hell forever.

I have to be abit careful what or how much I say, so I can only give some small examples. Just one small example is that there is a ringing sound in my flat which goes all day and night every day and night and is impossible to block out because the type/pitch of sound it is it penetrates regardless and it has been going constantly for 3-4 years now and everyone purposely refuses to cooperate to find and fix the source (which I am sure is either heat pump(s) or plumbing in neighbours flats), and it causes me major trouble so I can’t study etc and have to spend all day on computer. (It is definitely not in my head or ears it is a real external sound though not easy to prove to others because its just low enough some can’t hear it only listening briefly for a few minutes during the day.) This may not sound serious but it is constant all day torture and causing major trouble and threatening worse. Even when I try to pray and have faith the ringing sound is going all the time.
Another problem is the forced fluoridation every meal every day (and due to my situation I have to eat alot of grains which means I have alot higher water intake than others so I am effected alot more), which effects my mental and physical abilities and health. It is hard to have faith when being forced to eat & drink this every mouthful every meal every day, and suffer the effects/symptoms all day every day. These two examples might not sound very serious to people but they are far worse than people think.
There are also quite alot of other very bad things too. Major problems with my accomodation situation which can’t be fixed due to housing crisis etc. I am also all alone 24/7, I can’t get out very much, always been single in 40s, few social opportunities (no where to go to socialize even when I do get out), no friends or family, no one cares a stuff, everyone has cut me off for writing alot of “negative” emails for years begging for either people to stop the mean cruel wrongs or someone to help. And I have OCD to struggle with too. (I posted a thread on this a year or so ago here and in Ahavat Elohim.)
It is impossible for me to have faith with such long ongoing constant daily mean cruel hell wrongs and all negatives and no positives. The real constant daily hell wrongs are too big and too in my face and faith is just too small. I try but the things just keep on going the same everyday and its hard to believe God will ever answer, and thoughts go round in head like why is God so mean and cruel to force me to have to have faith for indefinite while suffering such hell (how can I have faith when he is so mean and cruel). Besides which I am certain it is partly demonic spiritual from many evidences.

Copy of last email for record and witness of everyone 

Some you are only included in this email as witnesses in case things
go bad. I don’t expect you all to be able to help, only some

To be clear first and last, I am below asking either for help (not
just mental help”) or for certain people to stop doing constant
hindrances & blockings which are causing serious problems.

I just need and want to let everyone know that I am at the end of the
rope and am in real danger of getting in serious trouble.
The reason is because everyone is always stalling/delaying me, and
always not replying, and always refusing to do work/jobs, and refusing
to cooperate to fix problems, and constantly blocking or hindering me
from being able to do everything that I need and want to do and try to
do (and then I am always the one that later gets all the blame as if I
am bad/sick while everyone forgets or excuses/dismisses others wrongs
been/being done to me).
If something is not done about this me always being blocked by
everyone from being able to get things done then I am in serious
danger of ending up either in trouble with mental health act again, or
in trouble with the law, or in trouble with the flats
rules/neighbours, or kicked out into the street, or dead, or loosing
all of what little stuff of value to me that I have, or other similar
bad things.
I can’t control my reactions to long ongoing constant daily mean cruel
hell wrongs forever (for the rest of my “life”), but even if I could
forever control my natural reactions to the unbearable long-ongoing
constant daily mean cruel hell wrongs being done to me (such as the
ringing sound in/at this flat going all day every day, and the
fluoridation, and the always being single, and the noise, etc), it
would still be mean hell to keeping suffering these things for the
rest of my “life”. And even if I superhumanly manage to control my
reactions everyday for upto another 80 yrs maximum, it is impossible
for things to stay as bad as they are and not get even worse, because
I am being blocked from being able to do things like maintenance and
repairs and renovations/improvements. Every option I try is either
blocked, or made to be “only one way” options or limited options,
and/or the few options are too meanly difficult or too mean sacrifice.
They also refuse to stop the wrongs harms & hindrances, and/or people
refuse to help or cooperate. And I am like totally trapped and
Below I list some of the main worst examples of everything I need &
try to do being blocked.

Everyone has been blocking me including plumbers, council, lawyers,
Dr/GP, neigbhours, ear specialists, acoustic companies, land
surveyors, Land Info NZ, etc.

These are some of the things I need and try to do which are all being
blocked by people:

Trying to get a fence built here. (But everyone is blocking it
including neigbours, Land Info NZ, land surveyors.)

Trying to find somewhere I can afford to shift to. (Blocked by housing
crisis and excessive prices/rents etc, and because I don’t qualitfy
for help because I own this flat.)

Trying to fix the major problems of this flat if I am stuck here much
longer (such as heat isulation, noise insulation, water filters or
rain collection, wiring checking/fixing, etc). (Blocked by neigbours &
council permissions requirements, blocked by no where affordable to
stay temporarily, blocked by difficulties of arranging all the
different trades peoples, blocked by my OCD, etc.)

Trying to find how to stop this ringing sound which is only in my flat
and goes all day and night every day and night (for 3-4 years now) and
is impossible to block out (except with other noise) because the
type/pitch/frequency of sound it is it penetrates regardless.
(Purposely blocked by everyone refusing to cooperate including
neigbours, council, lawyers, mntal health services, police, etc.)

Trying to find who my real grandfather was (which ever one of the 2 it
was). (Blocked by various major problems: over sensitive christian
relatives who are offended my grandmother had an affair, blocked by
being stuck in NZ far away from UK, blocked by excessive unfair
privacy laws, blocked by my mother destroying the genetic samples
before she died last November, etc.)

Trying to find how to stop the fluoridation. (Blocked by them al
purposely forcing it and refusing to stop and using cunning tactics.
Lawyers refuse to help. Filters I’ve tried seem to be not genuine.)

Trying to do my good paper studies and rough computer studies. (But
have been constantly blocked from doing my paper ones for over 4 years
now by constant wrongs being done to me. They also always refuse to
give me any positive for all my hard work studies and discoveries no
matter how hard I try and work.)

Trying to find how to fix my OCD without medication and without other
risky or too difficult options. (My OCD can only improve by less
negative and more positve situation, but instead I have many hell
wrongs being constantly done which have negative effects on me making
OCD worse.)

Maybe try to find working income if necessary and if able.

Trying how to find a “girlfriend”/companion/partner/wife. (Blocked by
numerous things including age, gender, location/accomodation
situation, OCD, fluoridation & sugar in foods/drinks, rejected for not
having a job, religion, etc)

Trying how/where to socialise to meet more people and make some friends.

Trying to have faith and find how God will answer prayers. (Blocked by
what ever the reason God is never answering me which must be my fault.
Blocked by constant daily mean cruel hell wrongs makng it to hard to
have faith and control mouth.)

Bank won’t let me make overseas payments without a cell phone.

Excessive identification requirements by many places including banks,
Western Union, Drs/GPs, etc has also caused alot of difficulties,
though with being able to get an 18-plus card it hasn’t been as bad as
it would be without one.

Them taking away telephone land lines and forcing mobile and
wireless/broadband is another burden to hav to deal with too.

This is not just normal “everyone has set backs”. This is everyone
blocking everything all the time for years.

It is not just me either. My father also recently said almost the same
thing that everyone was messing him around constantly
stalling/delaying him for weeks and weeks, and all just talking words
and no good results/action. As a result he is in danger of being
homeless after already being forced to sell all his 2000 books and
records etc.

I just can’t believe how hopeless and how mean and cruel the “elite”
and many people and God are. Everything I try they block and they all
just blame me.

I have tried and tried to tell people and reason with the “elite”
“experts” but they refuse to see any wrongs being done to me and they
just keep making me out to be mental or bad if I can’t not react to
such massive wrongs being done to me.
People just can’t seem to see all the massive problems because they
are not here in amidst it all, or they don’t want to admit the truth
for their own interests/purposes reasons.

So I am letting everyone know because perhaps someone might be able to
help stop some of the blockings, or if not then as witnesses that it
is no my fault because everyone is blocking everything I have been
needing and trying to do.

I’ll keep trying as hard and as long as I can to avoid any trouble
with laws or acts as long as I can, but they are practically forcing
it to happen sooner or late if they don’t stop the constant daily
wrongs/hindrances/blockings. If I do I have prepared over 50 pages of
evidences defence proving it was all others wrongs being done to me
not my fault or choice for anything I done or not done/tried.

V Sean W Bambrough


I’m not sure if you have cut me off like most everyone else has over the years, and if you have I’m not sure of the reason why, but I assume it is because of the many emails about my situation over the years. I realise everyone thinks I am bad/degenerate because of all the “negative” emails over the years but people don’t realise/understand how bad hell it has been and I couldn’t help it and I’d like to see anyone else go through the hell things I have been and not do similar. (In fact many people would go mental if they went through what I have like being alone 24/7 most days for decades. I’ve heard people effected by far less things like it raining for a few weeks, and covid lockdown, yet I’ve had far worse for years.) It was impossible for me to not reach/cry out when suffering such ongoing constant hell wrongs all alone. If someone had of listened and stopped the wrongs or helped/cared/loved/sympathised/agreed there wouldn’t have been most of the emails, but it has just gone on no one caring. I had to have some speaking/writing outlet, I could not allow the elite and other enemies doing the wrongs make me suffer in silence. I tried not to mail people but the things were too bad and I couldn’t help it. People all make me out to be bad and make me feel bad just because of a few things like all the emails, yet they never agree the things been done to us are far worse bad wrongs. I don’t deny I have some faults and flaws but I don’t see that I am that bad considering all thats happened since the day of my conception to now, and I haven’t really done any much things really bad. I feel bad that I couldn’t suffer in silence and not send all the emails, but its just not possible for me to suffer such constant mean cruel hell wrongs in silence without crying out or getting angry. People who have cut me off have not fixed the problem except for themselves. And no matter how much this regime persecutes me and how much people punish me by cutting me off I am not able to submit and accept constant mean cruel hell slavery for “life”. Maybe it is partly my impulsive part Italian hot blood.

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