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Did Moses exist? Who was Moses?
When was Moses?
Was Moses in the 18th dynasty or in the 19th dynasty of “1200s” bc?
Where was Moses?
Who was the daughter of Pharaoh who adopted Moses?

Did Moses exist? Who was Moses?
Moses was a great Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish leader and prophet and lawgiver and miracle worker in the Bible. He lead the Israelites in the exodus out of Egyptian slavery, and he instituted or codified their religious laws.
At present no one is agreed to have proven that Moses did or didn’t exist. The consensus is that he didn’t because there is supposedly no trace of Moses found in Egyptian history (though mainly only in the dynasty & date they mistakenly believe he was in).
No one can assert that he didn’t exist without first objectively and thoroughly looking to see if there is any historical match or not.
Moses is attested in the first 5 books of the Bible, but many people doubt the date and the reliability of these books (which were actually 5 books within only 1 book called the Torah or Law).
Moses is attested by name & details in the Sinaiatic inscriptions, though the reading of these inscriptions is disputed.
Moses is also maybe attested in the name of Nuwayba’al Muzayyinah in the gulf of Aqaba, which name means “waters o Moses open” or “(the) waters of Moses’ crossing/opening” or “the open waters of …” or “open water Moses” (though another source says it means “bubble/bubbling spring(s)” or “(the) springing water” or “sparkling spring”).
Moses is independently attested by Manetho, though he might have been influenced by Jews.
For those who believe in Jesus, that Moses is testified by Jesus is also evidence of his existence.
It is considered reasonable to suppose that Moses must have existed because his existence is necessary for the whole origin and history of Judaism to make historical sense, plus surely Judiasm would not be based on a “mythical” fiction lie.

Despite that no one is agreed to have definitely found Moses in Egypt, there have been put forward some candidates including the following:

There are several Moses/Moshe/Musa names or Moses like names in Egyptian history from the 3rd dynasty to the 26th dynasty. Some of these persons have been suggested as candidates for Moses.
Mesochris (3rd dyn, Manetho)
name Ramses found in 4th dyn site (Hoeh)
Moscheres (4-6 dyn, Eratosthenes)
Mosthes (4-6 dyn, Eratosthenes)
Rimush/Uru-Mush/Mush (Akkadian dyn, ca 4-6th dyn)

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