Date of Jesus birth | Foundations

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This is a copy of a comment on question of when Jesus was born (what time of the year, and also what year). It is not exhaustive but does offer a fairly comprehensive view.

There are a number of ways of figuring out what time of year Jesus was born in.

It can’t have been december because too cold for sheep outside then.The dates of the possible matches for the Star of Bethlehem (see list below).Jewish Mazzaroth/Zodiac: Virgo bearing wheat in her hand/hands? “Star Ascendant”? Age of Pisces (100/90/1/498-1447/2000/2062/2150/2595/2600/2654/2680/2700/3621)?The Jewish calendar of feasts/festivals/holidays and months names and starts of civil & sacred year. Some think Jesus was born on feast of tabernacles or trumps or first fruits.John was conceived 6 months before, but I am not aware of any sources saying when John’s father was serving in the temple. This might match a similar period between Jewish calendar feasts?The time of Roman census or “indiction”. The date of the Indiction was Sept 1 (Greek) or 25 (Caesarean) or Jan 1 (Gregorian). The mass oath was in Aug 3 bc.Possibly might match the vernal equinox or autumn equinox or summer solstice?“The De Pascha Computus, an anonymous document believed to have been written in North Africa around 243 ad, placed Jesus birth on March 28th.” “Clement, a bishop of Alexandria (died ca 215 ad), thought Jesus was born on November 18th.”
“Based on historical records, Fitzmyer guesses that Jesus birth occurred on September 11th”.

As to the actual year I find it difficult to narrow down Jesus life to less than the 60 years between the 19 bc and 39 ad. One major difficulty is ancient and medieval sources already using an BC/AD system and we can’t be sure whether the start dates are right or wrong in different sources.

Daniel prophesied 69 weeks of 7 years, or 483 years from decree to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple to the Messiah. This may possibly linked with Halley’s comet (76 yrs)?Jesus was supposedly born in the year 753? of Rome (which was founded in 753 bc).Jesus born “in the 309th year of Alexander (the Great)” & Cyrinus sent year before?
“Archelaus succeeded … in the year 312 of Alexander”.
“in the year 341 of Alexander, 1 year before the crucifixion of our Lord the Christ ….”
“… in the year 342 of Alexander, Our Lord Christ was crucified ….”There are candidates for the Star of Bethlehem between 17 bc and 9 ad including:
17 bce comet?
12/11/9 bc Halley’s comet Aug 25th 56/63 days China (Dio Cassius RH 54:29)?
9 bc conjunction Uranus & Saturn?
7/6 bc/bce conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in (20th/end Feb, 12th Apr), 20/21/29th May, sep / (2)3rd Oct, 4th Dec, (end Jan)? *
6 bc conjunction (Sun &) Jupiter & Moon & Saturn in Aries (Ven & Mars in neighbouring constellations) 6/17 Apr.
6 bc conjunction Uranus & Venus?
5 bc object/tailed-comet/nova (70 days, China/Korea)?
4 bc comet with no tail that didn’t move (Korean)?
ca 4 bc comet & conjunction several planets in Pisces (DSS)? *
(3 bc conjunction of Venus & Saturn (in eastern sky) in 12 Jun?)
(3 bc conjunction of Jupiter & Venus in Leo in 12th Aug?) *
3 bc conjunction Venus & Mercury 31 Aug?
3-2 bc 7 conjunctions Jupiter & Regulus?
3-2 bc conjunction of Jupiter & Regulus in Leo (1st of 3 x over 8 mo) between 14 Sept 3 bc & Jun 2 bc? *
2 bc conjunction of Jupiter & Venus near Regulus in Leo in (West at) sunset in 17 Jun?
2 bc Venus rose to mark sceptre in Leo 18/20/24 Aug? *
2 bc Jupiter stationary 25 Dec.
1 bc Jupiter & Venus in Virgo in sw (July)?
1 ad Venus rose in Aries 27 Mar?
9 ad comets (Dio Cassius).
11 ad ban on astrology,
14-37 Tiberius interested in astrology and nativities.
19 Jewish astrologers expelled from Rome.
23 ad Chinese astronomer.
36 ad Egyptian astronomer.
39 ad comet.Jesus was born near the end of Herod the Great’s reign 47/44/41/40/38/37-4/1 bc or 3 ad (ASC).
Jesus born “in the 32nd year of Herod” & Cyrinus sent year before.
Herod’s regnal years in Josephus and Oxford are 13 + = 14 + = 17 + = 36 yrs. (Temple built in 15th/17th/18th yr Herod ca 21/20/19/early 17 bc.)
“Then Herod died, having lived in his city 70 years, he reigned 34, in the year 44 of Caesar.”
There was an eclipse at/before Herod’s death: eclipse 9 bc? 6 bc double occultation of Jupiter by Moon close to sun in Aries 17 April? 4 bc lunar eclipse 13/15 Mar? eclipse 1 bc? Eclipse 10 ad? eclipse 26 ad? eclipse 29 ad?
(Eclipse cycle is 56 (19, 19, 18) or 65 (19, 19, 27) yrs.)Jesus was born in the reign of Augustus Caesar 44/43/42-31/30/28/27/19 bc – 14 ad. (Census Augustus & Tiberius 13/14 ad. Josephus has Augustus with 57 yrs (14 yrs with Antony) and died at 77 yrs old. Or “Augustus lived 75 years and died after having reigned for 56 years”.)
Cyrenius is the 37th yr of Augustus in Josephus.
“Jesus born 42nd Augustus 1 ad” (ASC, Exiguus) or “the 44th year of Augustus” & Cyrinus sent year before.
“Archelaus succeeded him in the year 45 of Augustus Caesar”.Jesus was born in the time of Cyrenius/Quirinus (or Kyrios “lord”?) whose dates are 14 bc (Cyrene), 12 bc (consul), 12/11-2/1 bc or 10-7 bc or 5-3 bc or 4-1 bc, 6/7-11/12 ad. Cyrenius is the 37th yr of Augustus in Josephus.
“prior to that year (32nd of Herod, 309th Alexander, 1st of Jesus, 44th of Augustus), the Romans had sent the judge Cyrinus to count the population subject to tax.”
Or it might be Quin(c)tilius whose dates are 13 bc consul, 7/6-4/3 bc Syria, Varus 6-3 bc?, 8 ad consul.There was a census when Jesus was born. The period of censuses in different sources is either 21/20 yrs, 14/15 yrs, 11 yrs, 7 yrs, or 5 yrs. There were censuses in 30 bc (Egypt), 28 bc (Suetonius, RGDA), 27 bc (Gaul), 12 bc (Gaul), census of Herod 12 bc? 12/11 bc (Dio Cassius)? 9 bc (Egypt), 9/8/7 bc (of Roman empire/citizens, Res Gestae Divi Augusti, Censorinus, Josephus 16:6:1-8, Tertullian, Ancyra, Suetonius), 7/6 bc (maybe, not recorded)? 7 bc (Cyrene), 3 bc (mass oath, Josephus 17:41-45, pater patriae 2 bc), 6/7 ad (Quirinus), 13/14 (RGDA, Suetonius), 20, 33/34.
It is also said that there was a census in time of Saturninus according to Tertullian. Saturninus’ dates are consul 19 bc, consul 11 bc, 9-7/6 bc (Tertullian), consul 4 bc, “3/2 bc”? 4-6 ad (Tertullian), 19-21 ad (Tertullian).
“prior to that year (32nd of Herod, 309th Alexander, 1st of Jesus, 44th of Augustus), the Romans had sent the judge Cyrinus to count the population subject to tax.”In Luke Simeon and Anna were at the temple when the baby/child Jesus was presented there. Anna’s age is given as 7 yrs married + 84 yrs widow, but this doesn’t seem much help unless there is more information on Anna’s dates.Herod Archelaus was ruling when Joseph & Mary & Jesus came back from Egypt. His dates are 4 bc or 3 ad – 6 ad (Matthew, ASC).
“Archelaus succeeded him in the year 45 of Augustus Caesar in the year 312 of Alexander; and Archelaus ruled for 9 years”.
Jesus “was then aged 4”.Jesus was 12 yrs old when they went up to Jerusalem at passover.Jesus was (between 12 and) “about 30” years old in the 15th regnal year of Tiberius whose dates are (13 bc, 7 bc,) heir 4, emperor 12/13/14/15/16-37/39 (census Augustus & Tiberius 13/14, 18, 21, 31). (“Tiberius Caesar reigned for 23 years and lived 78 years.” Quake in his 1st year. “In the year 7 of his reign, Herod built … Tiberias. In the year 14 the procurator Pilate was sent to the Jews.”)
So the 15th yr would be 27/28/29/30 ad?
“In the year 17 of Tiberius Caesar… 1 year before the crucifixion of our Lord the Christ ….” “In the year 19 of Tiberius Caesar… Our Lord Christ was crucified ….”
The saying of ‘Tammuz’ that “great Pan is dead” in the reign of Tiberias might possibly connected with the death of Jesus according to some sources.Luke said Lysanias was reigning when Jesus was baptised. Lysanias’ dates are 14-29/42 ad?Luke also says there were also reigning/ruling at the time of Jesus baptism Herod Antipas (Galilee) and Herod Philip (Ituraea & Trachonitis).
Antipas was presumably reigning in Galilee when Joseph and Mary came back from Egypt. Somethink that Joseph was employed in the building of Sepphoris.
John the Baptist was rebuked Antipas for taking his brother Philip’s wife, and John was imprisoned and executed by Antipas. Later Antipas heard of Jesus and thought he was John resurrected, or he knew John was dead and wondered who this person was and wanted to see him. The Pharisees told Jesus that Antipas wanted to kill him and Jesus called him a fox. The wife of Antipas’ steward was among the women followers of Jesus. Jesus said to his disciples beware of the leaven of the pharisees and of Herod (Antipas).
Jesus was sent to Antipas by Pilate during his arrest and trial.
Herod Antipas’ dates are 4 bc – 17-27/31/35-defeat 36-deposed 38/39 ad. (“Herod as successor who reigned 28 years”. “In the year 7 of his (Tiberius’) reign, Herod built … Tiberias.”)
Herod Philip’s dates are 4 bc or 12 ad – 34 (or 33-36) ad.Luke said Annas and Caiaphas were in office when Jesus was baptised. Jesus also was tried before them. Their dates are:
Annas 6-15 (son 16-17, son in law 18-36, son 36-41, 43, 44, 63).
Caiaphas 18-36. (“There were between Hannan and Caiphas less than 4 years, according to Eusebius”.)Jews said the temple had been built for 46 yrs (John 2). Temple built in 15th/17th/18th yr Herod ca 21/20/19/early 17 bc, or 18 yrs from Antigonus to temple (Josephus). Temple quarry date 19 bc. (15 bc Agrippa visits Jerusalem and offers hecatomb in temple.)Matthew 16 occurs at Caesarea Philipi. Caesarea Philipi’s dates include: built 25-13 bc, 3 bc – ad 14 – 29/30 – 34 ad.Pilate was in office at time of Jesus baptism (Luke). Jesus was crucified during the rule of Pontius Pilate whose dates are 26 – 36/37 (ASC).
“In the year 14 (of Tiberius) the procurator Pilate was sent to the Jews.”There was a quake and a darkness/eclipse at the crucifixion.
Eclipse 10 ad?
Quake in 1st year of Tiberius.
17 earthquake Anatolia.
eclipse 26 ad?
eclipse 29 ad?
“Jewish tradition (Talmud & Josephus) makes mention of a mysterious spontaneous opening of the heavy iron temple-doors 40 years before the destruction of Jerusalem (70 ad)”.
32 ad darkness/eclipse (Thallus/Africanus).
33 ad Fri 3rd Apr “eclipse/blood-moon”?
Crucifixion 33 ad (ASC).
37 ad earthquake Antioch.
… ad Ban on stealing dead bodies.Jesus was (between 12 and) “about 30” when he was baptised, and is often supposed to of had a 1-3 yrs ministry (half week in Daniel?) but bible also says “his generation” and says “you are not yet 50”, so he might have lived anwhere from 31 to 49 yrs?

But his birth date is not so important as his death and resurrection date.

These people who let off fireworks on New Years Eve/Day make 13 mistakes.

It is illegal to let off fireworks except on Guy Fawkes day (and it causes hell problems including scaring birds etc).A day doesn’t begin at midnight (modern Western) or sunset (Jewish) but at sunrise.The winter solstice is on December 21st not the Dec 25th or Jan 1st.Jesus was not born in December.St Nicholas’ day is also December 6th not 25th.The southern hemisphere is the opposite to northern hemisphere (it is mid summer in southern when midwinter in northern).In the bible a year doesn’t begin at January 1st (western), but begins roughly at the start of spring (sacred year) or start of autumn (civil year).There is nothing to celebrate for victims of this world regime/system/order.Jesus death and resurrection is greater than his birth.Some don’t allow for daylight saving.Time zones are not exact.We loose upt 1 day every 4 years until leap year.The Sun is not the creator/God.A day beginning at sunrise might be confirmed by a year beginning at start of spring?

Jewish calendar:
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 1 Rosh Chodesh, New Year
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 10 Lamb selected, Yom HaAliyah
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 11 Education & Sharing Day
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 12/14 Fast of firstborn
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 13 Haman’s plot
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 14 Unleavened bread starts, Passover sacrifice
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 14/15-21/22 Pesach/Passover
1/7/Nisan 15 Passover Seder
1/7/Nisan 15-21 Chag HaMatzot / Unleavened Bread
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 16 Reishit Katzir/ Barley 1stfruits, counting omer start.
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 16/17-20 Chol HaMoed Pesach
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 17 Ark came to rest
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 21 Unleavened bread ends
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 22/23 Mimouna, Shab Shai
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 23 Seharane, Birkat Hachama
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 26/27/28 Yom HaShoah
1/7/Abib/Nisan/Mar-Apr 27 Holocaust Remembrance Day
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 1 Rosh Chodesh
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 2
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 4 Yom Hazikaron
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 5 Day to Praise, Independence Day
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 10 Herzl Day
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 14 Pesach Sheni/Second passover
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 15 Arrived at Sin
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 18 Lag BaOmer/Counting the Omer (33rd day)
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 28 Fast of Samuel, Jerusalem Day
2/8/Zif/Iyar/Apr-May 29 Yom Kippur Katan
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 1 Rosh Chodesh
3/9/Sivan/Simanu/May-Jun 1 Arrived at Sinai/Horeb
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 5 counting omer end
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 6 Wheat 1stfruits, 1stfruits allground
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 6-7 Shauvot/Feast of weeks/Pentecost
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 20 Fast of the Khmelnytsky massacres
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 23 Mordecai’s orders
3/9/Sivan/May-Jun 29 Yom Kippur Katan
4/10/Thammuz/July 1 Rosh Chodesh, Tops mountains visible
4/10/Thammuz/July 3
4/10/Thammuz/July 12-13
4/10/Thammuz/July 17 Tzom Tamuz/Jerusalem taken, Three weeks begin
4/10/Thammuz/July 29 Jabotinsky Day, Yom Kippur Katan
5/11/Ab/Jul-Aug 1 Rosh Chodesh
5/11/Ab/Jul-Aug 1-9 Nine Days
5/11/Ab/Jul-Aug 9 Tisha B’Av/Destruction of temple fast, Three weeks end
5/11/Ab/Jul-Aug 15 Tu B’Av/love
5/11/Ab/Jul-Aug 30 Yom Kippur Katan
6/12/Elul/Aug-Sep 1 Rosh Hashanah LaBehema, Rosh Chodesh
6/12/Elul/Aug-Sep 15
6/12/Elul/Aug-Sep 18 Chai Elul
6/12/Elul/Aug-Sep 29 Erev Rosh Hashanah
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 1 Flood waters driedup, Yom Teruah/Trumps
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 1-2 RoshHashanah/NewYear
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 1-10 Ten days repentance
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 3/4 Fast of Gedalia
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 1/2-10 Shabbat Shuvah/Sabbath or return/repentance
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 9 Erev Yom Kippur/ Yom Kippur Eve
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 10 Yom Kippur/Atonement
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 14 Sukkot eve
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 15 1stfruits wine & oil
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 15-21 Tabernacles/Sukkot
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 16/17-21 Chol HaMoed Sukkot/Seharane
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 21 Hoshanah Rabbah
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 22/23 Shmini Atzeret
7/1/Tisri/Ethanim/Sep-Oct 22/23 Simchat Torah
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 1 Rosh Chodesh
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 7 Deliver Dew & Rain, Yom HaAliyah
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 12 Rabin Day
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 17 Flood starts
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 27 Earth completely dry
8/2/Bul/Chesvan/Marchesvan/Oct-Nov 29 Sigd
8/2/Chesvan 30 / 9/3/Chislev 1 Rosh Chodesh
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 6 Ben Gurion Day
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 9
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 10
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 19
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 25 Teachers Day
9/3/Chislev/Nov-Dec 25 Dedication/Hanukkah start
10/4/Tebeth/Dec-Jan 1 Rosh Chodesh
10/4/Tebeth/Dec-Jan 2/3 Hanukkah end
10/4/Tebeth/Dec-Jan 5
10/4/Tebeth/Dec-Jan 10
10/4/Tebeth/Dec-Jan 29 Yom Kippur Katan
11/5/Shebat/Jan-Feb 1 Rosh Chodesh
11/5/Shebat/Jan-Feb 10
11/5/Shebat/Jan-Feb 15 TuBishvat
11/5/Shebat/Jan-Feb 22
11/5/Shebat/Jan-Feb 29 Yom Kippur Katan
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 1 Rosh Chodesh
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 7
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 13 Fast of Esther, Haman’s edict & Mordecai’s edict
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 14 Purim Katan
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 14-15 Purim/Lots
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 15 Shushan Purim
12/6/Adar/Feb-Mar 29 Yom Kippur Katan
13/Veadar/Intercalary/Mar-Apr 1 Shabbat Zachor
13/Veadar/Intercalary/Mar-Apr 11 Feast of Esther
(13/Veadar/Intercalary/Mar-Apr 14-15 Purim Katan.)

Western calendar:
1/11/January 1 New Year, Name Iso, Circumcision Christ, Indiction (Gregorian).
1/11/Jan 1 Japanese era begins
1/11/Jan 2 Day after New Years
1/11/Jan 6 Epiphany/Twelfth Night/Theophany
1/11/Jan 7 Orthodox Christmas
1/11/Jan 14 Roman AUC era begins
1/11/Jan 15-21 Martin Luther King day, Washington’s Bday (US)
1/11/Jan 20/21 Inauguration Day (US)
1/11/Jan 21 – Feb 4/5/10/20 Chinese New Year
1/11/Jan 26/28 (circa) Australia Day
1/11/Jan end Conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
2/12/February beginning Oimelc
2/12/Feb 2 Presentation/Purification, Candlemas
2/12/Feb 3 – Mar 9 Mardi Gras (Tues) & Ash Wednesday
2/12/Feb 6 Waitangi Day (NZ)
2/12/Feb 12 Lincoln’s Bday (US)
2/12/Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
2/12 Feb 20th/end conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
2/12/Feb 23 – Mar 26 Purim
2/12/Feb 24/25 St Matthias
(2/12/February 29 Leap day)
3/1/Mar 1 St David’s birthday/day
3/1/Mar 4 (circa) Eight Hour Day (Tasmania)
3/1/Mar 4/5 “ladder formed by all wandering stars” 31 ad.
3/1/Mar 11 (circa) Commonwealth Day (NZ)?
3/1/Mar 12 St Gregory
3/1/Mar 13/15 lunar eclipse 4 bc
3/1/Mar 15 Ides of March, Caesar murdered
3/1/March 15 – Apr 18 Palm Sunday
3/1/March 17/18/19 St Patrick’s Day
3/1/March 18 Mar Cyril
3/1/March 18 (circa) Canberra Day (ACT)
3/1/March 19 St Joseph’s Day
(3/1/Mar 19 -) Apr 5 “Venus (& Sun) rose in Pisces” 33 ad.
3/1/March 20-April 23 Good Friday
3/1/March 21 Vernal equinox, Indian Saka era begins
3/1/March 21 – Apr 24 Passover
3/1/Mar 22-Apr 25 Easter Sunday/Day
3/1/March 25 Lady Day, Annunciation
3/1/March 27 Venus rose in Aries 1 ad?
3/1/March 28 Jesus born (DPC)?
4/2/April 1 April Fools’ Day
4/2/April 3 eclipse/blood-moon 33 ad?
4/2/April 5 Easter Monday
4/1/Apr 6/17 conjunction (Sun &) Jupiter & Moon & Saturn in Aries (Ven & Mars in neighbouring constellations) 6 bc.
4/2/April 9 Wahine Day (NZ)
4/2/Apr 12th conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
4/2/April 17 double occultation of Jupiter by Moon close to sun in Aries 6 bc?
4/2/April 21 Queen’s Birthday
4/2/April 23/24/28 St George’s Day
4/2/April 24-30 Arbor Day (US)
4/2/April 25 ANZAC Day (NZ), St Mark
4/2/April 26 Nabonassar era begins
4/2/Apr 30 – May 1 Walpurgis Night
5/3/May 1 May Day, Loyalty Day (US), Labour Day, St Joseph
5/3/May beginning Beltaine / spring equinox
5/3/May 1/3 Philip & James
5/3/May 3 Finding of Cross
5/1/May 6 May Day (NT)
5/3/May 8-14 Mother’s Day
5/3/May 9 – Jun 12 Shavuot
5/3/May 14 Israel becomes a modern nation
5/3/May 20/21/29th conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
5/3/May 24 Empire Day
5/3/May 25-31 Memorial Day
5/3/May 26 St Augustine
6/4/June 3 Foundation Day (WA)
6/4/June 5 (circa) Arbor day (NZ)?
6/4/June 10 Mar Aphrem
6/4/June 11/12 Queen’s Official Birthday observance
6/4/Jun 12 conjunction of Venus & Saturn (in eastern sky) in 3 bc?
6/4/June 14 Flag Day (US)
6/4/June 15-21 Father’s Day (US)
6/4/Jun 17 conjunction of Jupiter & Venus near Regulus in Leo in (West at) sunset in 2 bc?
6/4/June 17/19 Juneteenth National Independence Day (US)
6/4/June 21 Midsummer/Summer solstice
6/4/Jun 24 Nativity John Baptist
6/4/Jun 29 Peter & Paul
7/5/July 3 Mar Thoma
7/5/July 4 Independence Day (US)
7/5/July 12/13/14 Orangeman’s Day (UK)
7/5/July 15 Mar Quriaqos & Yolitha, St Swithin’s Day
7/5/July 20 Rising of Sothis/Sirius (Egypt)
7/5/July 25 St James
7/5/July 26 St Anne
7/5/July 27 Seventy disciples
7/5/July 28 Mar Alphonsa
8/6/August 1 Lugnasad/Lammas
8/6/August 3 Mass oath 3 bc
8/6/August 5 Halley’s comet 12/11/9 bc (Dio Cassius, Chinese)
8/6/August 5 Picnic Day (NT)
8/6/August 6 Transfiguration
8/6/Aug 12 conjunction of Jupiter & Venus in Leo in 3 bc?
8/6/Aug 14 (circa) Islamic New Year?
8/6/August 15 Assumption/Dormition of Mary
8/6/Aug 15 “Venus rose in sextans (included as part of Leo)” 31 ad.
8/6/Aug 18/20/24 Venus rose to mark sceptre in Leo 2 bc?
8/6/Aug 29 Beheading John
8/6/Aug 31 conjunction Venus & Mercury 3 bc?
9/7/Sept 1 Indiction (Greek)
9/7/Sept 1-7 Labor Day (US)
9/7/September 4-6 Father’s Day (NZ)
9/7/Sept 5 – Oct 5 Rosh Hashanah
9/7/Sept 8 Nativity of Mary, Theotokos
9/7/Sept 11 Patriot Day, Nayrouz, Jesus born (Fitzmyer)?
9/7/Sept 11 Diocletian era begins
9/7/Sept 14 Byzantine/Grecian/Seleucid era begins
9/7/Sept 14 Elevation of Cross
9/7/Sept 14 to Jun conjunction of Jupiter & Regulus in Leo (1st of 3 x over 8 mo) between 3 bc & 2 bc?
9/7/Sept 14-Oct 14 Yom Kippur
9/7/Sept 17 Constitution Day (US)
9/7/Sept 19- Oct 19 Sukkot
9/7/Sept 21 St Matthew
9/7/September 23 Autumn equinox
9/7/Sept 25 Indiction (Caesarean)
9/7/Sept 26 Dominion Day (NZ)
9/7/Sept 29 St Michael’s Day / Michaelmas
10/8/Oct 1 Protection of Mother of God
10/8/Oct (2)3rd conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
10/8/Oct 12 Columbus Day (US)
10/8/Oct 14 Grecian/Seleucid era begins
10/8/Oct 18 St Luke
10/8/Oct 23 James the Just
10/8/October Labour Day (NZ)
10/8/October 31 Halloween
11/9/Nov 1 All Saints
11/9/Nov beginning Samhain/Allantide / Autumn equinox / Celtic new year
11/9/Nov 2 All Souls
11/9/Nov 2-8 Election Day (US)
11/9/November 3 Diwali
11/9/Nov 4 (circa) Recreation/Regatta Day (Tasmania)
11/9/November 5 Guy Fawkes Day
11/9/Nov 8 Michael & Gabriel
11/9/Nov 8/18 or “24 calends December” Robin Hood’s death
11/9/Nov Day of Remembrance
11/9/November 11 Veterans Day (US), St Martin’s Day
11/9/November 13 Roger Godberd’s death
11/9/Nov 18 Jesus born (Clement)?
11/9/Nov 21 Entrance of Theotokos to Temple
11/9/November 22-28 Thanksgiving (US)
11/9/Nov 23-29 Day After/Black Friday (US)
11/9/Nov 28-Dec 27 Hanukkah/Feast of lights/Rededication
11/9/November 30 St Andrew’s Day
12/20/Dec 4th conjunction of (Mars &) Jupiter & Saturn (3 x in Pisces) 5 months in 7/6 bc/bce?
12/10/Dec 6 St Nicholas
12/10/Dec 8 Immaculate Conception
12/10/Dec 9 Conception of Mary, a date in Godberd’s records
12/10/Dec 17
12/10/Dec 18 Miraculous Cross of Mylapore
12/10/December 19 Saturnalia
12/10/December 21 Midwinter/Winter solstice, St Thomas
12/10/Dec 23
12/10/December 24 Christmas Eve
12/10/December 25 Mithra’s birthday
12/10/December 25 Christmas/Nativity, Jupiter stationary 2 bc.
12/10/December 26 Boxing Day/Day After Christmas
12/10/Dec 26/27 St Stephen
12/10/Dec 27 St John
12/10/Dec 28 Holy Innocents
12/10/Dec 29 St Thomas of Canterbury
12/10/December 30 Proclaimation Day (SA)
12/10/December 31 New Years Eve, St Silvester.

Calends 1st of Month
Nones 5th/7th of Month
Ides 13th/15th of Month.

Day & night cycle:
Morning/Dawn/Sunrise/twilight 6 am
Noon/Midday/Zenith 12
Afternoon 3 pm
Evening/dusk/Sunset/twilight 6 pm
Midnight/Nadir 12
Cockcrow 3 am?

Matins & Lauds 12 am or 6 am?
Prime 6 am?
Terce 9 am?
Sext 12 pm
Nones 9th hour / 3 pm
Vesper 6 pm?
Compline 9 pm?

Lunar month phases:
New Moon
Waxing crescent
First quarter/half moon
Waxing gibbous
Full Moon
Waning gibbous
last quarter/half moon
Waning crescent/Crone/Hag.

Week cycle:

Life Periods/events:
Rite/right of passage, Baptism, Marriage

1/Leo/Lion /fire /north/summer/fire / east/fire/hot/dry
2/Cancer/Crab /June /fire /north/summer/water / north/winter/cold/wet
3/Gemini/Twins /May /north/spring/air / west/air/hot/wet
4/Taurus/Bull /north/spring/earth / south/earth/cold/dry
5/1/Aries/Ram /north/spring/fire / east/fire/hot/dry
6/12/Pisces/Fish /winter/south/water / north/winter/cold/wet
7/Aquarius /flood /winter/south/air / west/air/hot/wet
8/Capricorn/Goat /Dec /flood /ascending /winter/sth/earth / sth/earth/cold/dry
Sagittarius/Archer /south/autumn/fire / east/fire/hot/dry
Scorpio/Serpens/Aquila /south/autumn/water / north/winter/cold/wet
Libra/Scales /south/autumn/air / west/air/hot/wet
12/Virgo/Virgin /north/summer/earth / south/earth/cold/dry.

Chinese Zodiac:

120 sar 432000 yrs
1 Great year 25920 yrs, 360 degs, 72 duodecans, 36 rooms 12 signs 6 sextiles 4 trigons/square 3 trines 2 oppositions.
1 opposition 6 houses/signs 180 degs 12960 yrs
1 trine 4 houses/signs 120 degs 8640 yrs
Quartile/Trigon 3 signs/houses, 90 degs, 6480 yrs
1 sextile 2 houses/signs 60 degs 4320 yrs
Sar 3600 yrs (Sumerian)
1 octant 45 degs 3240 yrs
36 degs 2592 yrs
Zodiacal/precesional sign/house/constellation 3 rooms, 30 degs, 2160 yrs
Siriadic/Sothaic 1460 yrs (Egyptian)
Millenium 1000 yrs
1 decan/room 2 duodecans 10 degs 720 yrs
Great year/Ner 600 yrs (Sumerian, Josephus)
Lunisolar 532 yrs
Phoenix 500 yrs (Egyptian)
Crow 400 yrs (Egyptian)
1 duodecan 5 degs 360 yrs
Life length 120 yrs (Genesis, Moses)
Prefect old age 110 yrs (Egypt, Joseph, Joshua)
1 & a 1/2 degs 108 yrs
Century 100 yrs
Strong lifespan 80 yrs (Psalms)
Halley’s comet 76 yrs
1 degree 60 minutes 72 yrs 3600 secs
Lifetime/Lifespan/Yome of capitivity 70 yrs (Psalms, David)
Eclipse cycle is 65 (19, 19, 27) yrs?
Sos 60 yrs (Sumerian)
Eclipse cycle is 56 (19, 19, 18) yrs?
Sirius 50 yrs (Dogon)
Jubilee 49/50 yrs (Bible)
Generation 40 yrs (Exodus-Deuteronomy)
Generation 33/30 yrs (Herodotus, Genesis 11)
Solar cycle 28 yrs
Key 21 yrs (modern western)
Census 21/20 yrs.
Lunar cycle 19 yrs.
Sar 18/19 yrs (Sumerian/Akkadian/Babylonian)
Indiction/census 14/15 yrs (Roman/Byzantine)
Jupiter 12 yrs
Sunspot/Census 11 yrs
Decade 10 yrs
Week of years/Census 7 yrs (Bible)
Lustrum/census 5 yrs (Roman)
Olympiad/election/year 4 yrs (Egypt, Greek, USA)
Election 3 yrs (NZ)
Bienniel/Mars 2 yrs
1 minute 1.2 yrs 60 seconds
Leap Year 366 days (Gregorian)
Year 365 days, 52 wks, 50 secs, 12 months, 4 seasons, 3 terms, 2 semesters
Pregnancy 9 months
Semester/season 6 months
Term/season 4 months (Egypt)
Quarter/Season 3 months
Month 28/29/30/31 days, 4 weeks
Fortnight 2 weeks, 14 days
Week of 10 days (Egypt)
Week 7 days ~ 1 second
Working Week 5/6 days (Bible, Western)
Midweek (German)?
Long weekend
Weekend 2 days, 48 hrs
40 hour famine
Day 24 hrs
Day/Night 12 hrs
Working day 8 hrs
Dog watch / double hour 2 hrs (Sumerian/Akkadian)
Time zone/Hour 60 mins, 15 degs
Three quarters of an hour 45 mins
Time zone/Half an hour 30 mins, 7 & a 1/2 degs
Quarter of an hour 15 mins
Minute 60 secs
Three quarters of a minute 45 secs
Half a minute 30 secs
Quarter of a minute 15 secs

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