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This is a list of links to most of my main major net/web posts / treads/topics / articles / papers/dissertations / theses / works of the last few years. Note some of the links/site might be defunct as I haven’t checked them all. Generally the first/top link in each block is the most recent and best written version. The older articles/posts may not be written as well as the more recent ones.
Note: some of the Historum forum threads/topics and blogs seem to have been deleted after they unfairly banned me. (Yes disgraceful that they not only unfairly banned me but also deleted my threads/topics and blogs. A number of other forums also unfairly banned me.)
Also some of the create a forum bible history forum links are broken since the threads/topics were moved to different subforums.
However I haven’t been able to check all the links and I have left the ones I know are defunct with a note “defunct” or “gone”.


United Kingdom
(Hwiterne, Columba, UK archaeological sites, King Arthur, Merlin, Wonders of Britain, Gwallawg’s battles, Maserfield, Brunanburh, Waltheof’s aula, Robin Hood, Herne the Hunter, Green Man, Shugborough, Jack the Ripper, Bambrough genealogy, WW2 Italian pows in Notts)France
(Man in the Iron Mask)Northern/Norse
(Odin, Mountain of Promise)Germany
(Great Depression, Voynich manuscript)Italy/Rome
(Lost legion, Popes list origins)Greece
(Hercules, Colchis, Amphipolis)Egypt
(Imhotep, Sphinx, Hyksos, Punt, Akhenaten, Sea Peoples, forums, source texts, chronology)Israel/Biblical
(Yhwh origins, Creation vs Evolution, Eden, Great Flood, Table of Nations, Asshur, Abraham, Ur of the Chaldees, Melchizedek, Chedorlaomer, Sodom, Lot’s wife, Job, Jacob, Joseph, Goshen, 430 yrs in Egypt, Moses, Zoan, Red Sea crossing, inverted nuns, Balaam, Cushanrishathaim, Sisera, Agur of Proverbs, Shishak, Zerah, Lost Tribes, Ark of the Covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus, Star of Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, Holy Grail, 7 churches, martyr Antipas, End times, Biblical chronology, A day begins at sunrise)Arabia/Moslem
(Dilmun, Aratta, Sargon of Akkad, Semiramis, chronology)India
(Indus script, Saravati river)China
(Hong Kong)Philipines
(Australian genealogy)New Zealand/Maori
(Moa, fluoridation, housing crisis, unemployment, immigration, meter readers picking locks, smartmeters)United States of America
(Book of Mormon names, Judge Crater, JFK jnr, Tucson artefacts, Fenn’s treasure)Peru/Bolivia & Atlantis
(Andes raising, Atlantis location)General/Misc/World
(My school projects, Quotes, scammers, Tenets of NWO, history forums, health tips, ways to keep warm, others actions effect us, social networks, blogs/websites).

United Kingdom:

Hwiterne “white house” of Ninnian
We give evidence for the Hwiterne “white house” of St Ninnian matching Dover & Guinnion of King Arthur rather than Whithorn in Galloway.

Columba: (See also King Arthur who Ethelbert)
We give evidence on the possible match of the 44 yrs of St Columba in the ASC with Gildas’s 44 yrs in the Badon section of his DEB.
A file in Arthurian society or King Arthur group in facebook.

UK archaeological/historical sites list:,1065157

King Arthur: who:
We give possible matches of 34 candidates with King Arthur, with our favourite 2 candidates being Vortimer and Ethelbert of Kent.

Arthur: where:
We determine where Arthur was and was not narrowing down from the whole world to south-east England, giving evidences why areas are ruled out or ruled in. ?

Arthur: when: *
We give evidences for Arthur being sometime in the 400s and/or 500s ad.

Arthur: PaGur battles: (chapter 11).

Arthur: 12 battles of the HB:
We show possible matches of Arthur’s 12 battles with either the Saxon Shore forts, or Vortimer’s battles, or the battles in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. (9 battles posts, june/july 2014). (they 1st moved thread and later deleted this after unfairly banning me). (they 1st moved the thread and then deleted this after unfairly banning me).,1079150,35479.0.html (comments, blog now gone).
A friend’s review at

Arthur: Camlan/Avalon/Arthur’s grave:
Possible sites for Camlan/Avalon/Arthur’s grave in the southeast of England.

Arthur: Camelot: (See also King Arthur who Ethelbert, King Arthur 12 battles city of the legion chapter)
Possible sites for Arthur’s capital in south-east England.
A comment in Caleb’s history mysteries / world of education facebook page in 2020.

Arthur: Excalibur:

Possible matches for Merlin in the south-east of England.
Arthurnet posts.

Wonders of Britain: (See also Arthur’s 12 battles) *
Possible matches of the Wonders with Arthur’s battle sites in the south-east of England.

Gwallawg’s battles:
Match of Gwallawg’s battles & Arthur’s battles.

Maserfield as possibly at Wigan.
A comment in ?

Candidates lists for Brunanburh.

Waltheof’s Aula:
Forgotten where I posted on this.

Robin Hood: *
Matches of Robin Hood with Roger Godberd, and/or with other candidate times & places & persons.,262083,262083#msg-262083
A post in Arthurnet some years ago.

Herne the Hunter: (see also Robin Hood)
An article published in Heretic/Realist/Watcher years ago (& reviewed in Taste from Cauldron).

Green Man (See also King Arthur, Robin Hood:

Possible solution of “in Arcadia” as “in the Arch”.

Jack the Ripper:
JTR as Mary Jane Kelly, or other previous candidates.,34712.0.html
Casebook forum admin unfairly banned me in registration.

Bambrough family tree research: *

Italian WW2 pow affair with my grandmother in Notts UK in 1946:
Quest to find my real grandfather.


Man in the Iron Mask:
Not posted on net/web yet.


Odin/Woden/God :
Possible origins of Odin. (not sure if right page but is roughly thereabouts)
An article in Historia-Pangaea years ago.

Mountain of Promise of Odin Brotherhood (Mirabelo) :
A since deleted blog post.


Great Depression:
About the the Great Depression’s effects on Germany.

Voynich MS408:
Quest to decode the Voynich manuscript mystery, and a theory that the Voynich manuscript might be a gardeners book.


Lost legion

Popes: *
Match of early popes list with Roman emperors list.


Hercules: (See also my Atlantis articles Pillars chapter.)
Attempt to find the original of Hercules, with Gilgamesh being the final favoured candidate.,1253237




Matches of Joseph and Imhotep.,154076,1092259

Sphinx: (see also Jacob, Joseph, Goshen)
Sphinx as the Lion of Judah of Genesis 49.

Hyksos as probably Amalkite Edomites.,628265,628550,1022097

Punt: *
Location candidates in Africa and Asia.,586395,588058#msg-588058 ?

Akhenaten, Amarna:
Matches with King David’s time, including Akhenaten matching Agur ben Jakeh of Proverbs 30.

Sea Peoples:

Egyptian forums/groups/etc I’ve participated in abit/alot:
Sussex Egyptological Society
Private correspondence with NZ Egyptologist Peter Sullivan.

Egyptian source texts

Egyptian chronology: *

Egyptian-Biblical chronology: (2nd post).


Yhwh/Jhvh name origins:
Attempt to find the name Yhwh in other early nations like Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Creationism/Flood vs Evolution/Geological time scale: (See also Andes raised recently.)

4 rivers of Eden location:
Theories that the 4 rivers may match where the continents split up, and may match 4 world ages, and that Eden might have been in the Jerusalem area (or Antarctica in the earlier articles).,1058156
A post in Discoveries of Ron Wyatt in facebook in 2018. ? ? ?

Great Flood of Noah:,1058334,1052090 ?

Table of Nations Genesis 10, & 3 races of Noah:

Great city of Asshur of Genesis 10: (See also Table of Nations, Atlantis.)
Discovery that the Great city of “Asshur” of Genesis 10 might match Tiahuanaco and Atlantis capital city. ?

Abraham: (see also Chedorlaomer, Sodom)
Attempt to find Abraham in ancient near east records.,1036431 (1st dynasty section.)

Ur of the Chaldees/Kasdim of Genesis 11: (See also Abraham, Chedorlaomer.)
A simaqian studio history forum thread (forum now gone).

Melchizedek: (See also Chedorlaomer.)
Attempt to find a match for Melchizedek in Mesopotamian and other nearby nations histories, with Meskalamdug being a good candidate.

Chedorlaomer of Genesis 14: *
Attempt to find Chedorlaomer of Genesis 14 in Iraq & Iran history, with Gilgamesh being the best candidate. ?

Sodom (see also Chedorlaomer, Abraham) (defunct)

Lot’s wife:
About how Lot’s wife might be Iscah of Genesis 11.

Candidates for Job in ancient near eastern history.

Jacob: (see also Joseph) *
Joseph found to have been in the 3rd-4th dynasty of Egypt, and Jacob found to match Khufu/Cheops. (2nd post).

Joseph in the 3rd-4th dynasty: (See also Jacob, Sphinx) *
Joseph found to have been in the 3rd-4th dynasty of Egypt. forum (2 threads/topics a few years ago)
A post in (blog now gone). (comment)

Joseph & Imhotep:
Matches of Joseph & Imhotep.,154076,1250340#msg-1250340

Joseph & Sekhemhet:
Possible match of Zaphenath-paneah (Joseph) with Sekhemhet of the 3rd dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Joseph type of Jesus:

Goshen/Pithom (see also Jacob, Joseph, Moses):
Goshen & Pithom were not in the north-east Nile delta of northern Egypt in the 19th dynasty but were in central Egypt in the 3rd-4th and 12th dynasty.

215 or 430 years in Egypt?

Moses: *
Evidence for Moses in the (6th? and) 12th dynasty, including a possible find of Moses himself. ?
A post in (blog now gone). (comment)

Evidence that Zoan might not be Tanis.

Red Sea crossing at Aqaba evidences *

Inverted Nuns (signature of Joshua?) :
Theory that the Inverted Nuns in the Torah might be a signature of Joshua.
Can’t remember where I posted on this years ago.

Balaam *

Cushanrishathaim of Judges:
Quest to find the historical Cushanrishathaim of Judges.

Sisera of Judges:
Does Sisera possibly match Seqenenre of the 17th dynasty who has similar head wound?

Proverbs 30-31 person Agur discovered to match Akhenaten: ?

Shishak of Kings/Chronciles:
Shishak of King/Chronicles as Ramses 2 rather than Sheshonk.

Zerah the Ethiopian of Kings/Chronicles:

Lost tribes of Israel:

Ark of the Covenant location candidates:

Dead Sea Scrolls:
Yet to republish.
An arcticle in Historia-Pangaea.

Jesus historicity *

Jesus types (Moses)

Jesus as Messiah:

Star of Bethlehem

Evidence that Nazareth might not be the so-called Nazareth in Lower Galilee but might be Nabratein in Upper Galilee.
A post in israelforum (unfairly banned, forum now gone).

Theory that Cana might not be the coventional site but might be Gamla.

Bethsaida as possibly Tiberias?

Gethsemane as possibly the King’s Garden.

Holy Grail: (See also King Arthur who & 12 battles),257991

7 churches ages of Revelation/Apocalypse:
Matches of the 7 churches of Revelation with ages of the church and with certain centres (Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome, Constantinople, Madrid, Philadelphia in USA, London). (post 42 & 45).

Martyr Antipas of Pergamum in Revelation 2-3:
Who is Antipas in the 7 church ages theory?

Who is the Harlot Babylon of Revlation:

Revelation/Apocalypse: End times / last days (incl 666) :

Biblical chronology:

A day begins at sunrise:
Evidence for a biblical day beginning at sunrise rather than sundown. (replies)


Possible origin of the Moslem Allah.


Half a dozen location candidates for Dilmun.
An allempires forum thread/topic by me (Arthur-Robin).

Aratta location quest:,225930

Sargon of Akkad:

Semiramis as Hammurabi: *
Theory that Semiramis of Herodotus etc might match Hammurabi.

Mesopotamian chronology:


Indus Valley script:



Hong Kong:
A letter to the editor in Dominion Post years ago.


Duterte good or bad? (comment(s).)


Australian genealogy

New Zealand/Maori:

Moa & Moehau in Maori myth/legend/tradition:
Yet to be republished.

NZ Fluoridation bill/act: (See also Health tips) *
Papers given quality evidences against fluoridation.

NZ Housing crisis/policy:
Evidences on the true causes of the housing crisis. (comment(s).)

NZ unemployment & employment policy: *
Evidences on the true causes of mass unemployment as opposed to beneficiary blaming.
A stormfront post
My submission to NZ parliament on ‘Social Assisatnce bill’ (work testing bill). (defunct)
A rootschat post which I can’t remember & find.

NZ Immigration policy

NZ meter readers picking door lock(s) & extant of lockpicking/lockpickers:
Testimony of meter reader caught picking my door lock, and of extant of lockinging/lockpickers as seen in the locpicking101 forum.
Posts in lockpicking101 forum .

NZ smartmeters problems:
Health concerns and multiple privacy concerns and increased costs concerns of smartmeters, and evidence of how they were cunningly unofficially forced in NZ.

United States of America:

Book of Mormon names origins:
A myspace blog post since deleted in myspace’s changes.

Judge Crater:
Theory that Crater’s widow might really be Crater in disguise.

JFK jnr:
Theory that JFK jnr may not have died when plane went missing.,1079340,1079646#msg-1079646

Tucson artefacts

Fenn’s treasure

Peru/Bolivia & Atlantis:

Andes crested up quickly within lifetime of humans & civilisation:
List of evidences for the Andes being pushed/pulled up suddenly and quickly within the lifetime of ancient humans and civilisation rather than slowly over millenia.
See our atlantis articles.

Atlantis & Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku in Peru/Bolivia: (See also Great city of Asshur.) *
Very strong matches evidences of Atlantis city and plain etc with Tiahuanaco and surrounding area and of the large island with (South) America(s).,1063585,1107032,33901.0.html,34543.0/msg,261684.html,1104286
A post in Satanic Reds yahoo group post ca May 2016.
Atlantis Rising forum posts years ago by me (‘Seanbam’).


My school/college projects/stories/speeches/essays:
Kenya/Uganda (std 3)
Lord of the flies poster
Hungary & Weisner commission
UH churches history
The Day the Clock did not strike one
6 day war (form 5 or 6)
Map of German Reich

Pieces in pubication Historia-Pangaea.

Russian & Nigerian scammers (& Gayropa) : (comment/letter).
A myspace blog post since deleted in myspace’s changes.

Tenets of NWO/Ways elite control us/How to win/Who rules the world: * (reply post)

History forums I’ve posted in include: (‘rob banks’ & ‘gold heart’ & ‘history seeker’ & ‘lauren michelle’, unfairly banned) (‘arthur-robin’) (‘truthsetsfree’).
simaqian studio history forum (‘seanbam’, defunct)

Health tips: (See also fluoridation) (Health policy section).

Ways how to be warm in a cold place:

The Prolife vs Prochoice abortion debate: (3rd post),(or )

Others actions effect us evidence from my life:

Social networks & groups & meetup: (name changed from ukchristians to newcovenant/ (faithlight is now jesusclub)

My blogs & websites/pages: (senatorbam), lifeandtradition (seanbam, defunct) (foundations/beyondmodern/Ealdred) otherblog (defunct) (defunct) (unfairly banned) (unfairly banned)

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